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We formulate, cultivate and thus fabricate world-class concerts, festivals and branded entertainment, we take the complicated and streamline it to create experiences that amount to emotion. our operation is built in our ability to cleary understand our partners' goals and effectively collaborate with them to develop, guide and ultimately bring that unique vision to life.

Industry know-how is one of faculty's core competencies and that inherent trait allows us to create world-class collaborations. at faculty, we immerse ourselves in your brand by working alongside your team to protect the brand, while growing the fan-base to maximize profits and earnings. we put ideation on a pedestal and what that means is we find the opportunity, we catch it and then watch over it as it grows while injecting the formula and foundation for success that only faculty can do.

At Faculty Productions, we pride ourselves on being full-service and believe that a large part of that is providing clients with the best tools and creative environment possible. Faculty's brand-new studio in the heart of Hollywood is where Faculty Productions' tour concepts are work-shopped and transformed into concert experiences that sell out arenas and wow fans around the world. The full-service rehearsal and production facility contains two rehearsal spaces, a wardrobe and make-up space, youtube/photography studio and a state-of-the-art recording studio.

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